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Leadership Alliance Publications and Resources

Breaking the Rules for Better Care Resource Guide

Learn more about Breaking the Rules for Better Care and download the step-by-step resource guide to plan and host a "Breaking the Rules" initiative in your own organization.

Salve Lucrum: The Existential Threat of Greed in US Health Care

Written by Alliance Senior Advisor, Dr. Don Berwick, this JAMA piece invites discussion and collective actions leaders can take to address the threat of greed in US health care.

American Health Care Is Broken. Major Hospitals Need to Be Part of the Solution.

Written by Alliance Senior Advisor, Dr. Don Berwick, this piece examines the role hospitals need to take to solve the current issues in American health care.

Reducing Mental Health Care Barriers for Hospitalists

Co-authored by Alliance Faculty, Dr. Eileen Barrett, this piece illustrates actions health care organizations can take to reduce mental health care barriers for hospitalists. This piece was a collaboration with members of the Help Health Care Heal Coalition.

Preventing Verbal and Physical Violence across the Health Care Workforce (Toolkit)

IHI Leadership Alliance members prioritized workforce safety and well-being as an urgent priority, leveraging one of their many workgroups to collectively explore this topic, share relevant best practices, and harvest learnings from one another. During the 2021–2022 Alliance year, the Workforce Safety and Well-Being Workgroup homed in on verbal and physical workplace violence in the pursuit of demonstrating alignment of workforce violence prevention and response efforts with advancing system transformation to improve workforce safety and well-being. This toolkit, informed by Alliance members and supplemented with external industry scanning, is intended to be a starting place for health care organizations on their journey to address workplace violence.

COVID Has Made the Office Visit a Dinosaur

Written by Alliance leaders Drs. Doug Eby and Ed McGookin and IHI Executive Drector Jill Duncan, RN, MPH, this piece examines the fate of visit-based medicine and the innovations to the system brought on by COVID-19.

Under the Cover of COVID-19 News, the Epidemic of Opioid Overdoses Silently Surges

Leadership Alliance Opioid and Substance Use Disorder Workgroup co-leads Mara Laderman, MSPH, Miriam Komaromy, MD; James Moses, MD, MPH; and Mark Jarrett, MD, MBA authored this piece in Becker's Hospital Review highlighting the worsening opioid epidemic, exacerbated by every imaginable challenge brought on by COVID-19.​

Alliance Members Endorse Congressional Action to Safeguard Telehealth Services

On July 16, 2020, IHI Leadership Alliance member organizations endorsed a letter requesting Congressional action to safeguard the sustainability of telehealth care services through continued regulatory adjustments, the establishment of quality metrics to ensure high-quality telehealth delivery, and payment changes.

Call for Collaboration: Health Care Leaders to the EHR Community to Fight COVID-19

​​​50 leaders representing a diverse cross-section of the global health care delivery community​ signed this document.

A Living Wage for Health Care Workers Is Essential to Achieve Health Equity

This opinion and editorial piece co-authored by Alliance member Stephen Mette, MD; and Alliance faculty Saranya Loehrer, MD, was published by Modern Healthcare on January 9, 2020.​ The piece touches on the IHI Leadership Alliance set of actions that can increase health equity within health systems and communities.​

Call to Action: Reduce Waste in the US Health Care System and Return the Cost Savings to Patients and the Economy

The IHI Leadership Alliance believes that eliminating “waste” in health care is essential to providing care at an affordable cost. To that end, the Alliance Waste Workgroup has developed an audacious aim: Systematically and proactively identify and eliminate 50 percent of non-value-added waste in the US health care system by 2025. Chaired by MemorialCare Health System Chief Transformation Officer, Helen Macfie, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. James Leo, this Alliance workgroup is calling on health systems and providers to commit to a Call to Action to do our part to reduce waste in the US health care system.

Additional resources:

Health Systems Try to Trim Waste to Reduce Health Care Spending

A Modern Healthcare piece featuring Jill Duncan, RN, Alliance workgroup co-chair Helen Macfie, PharmD, and several other Alliance members.

How Three Health Systems Are Tackling Waste

A Modern Healthcare piece highlighting stories from Alliance member organizations Bellin Health, Northwell Health, and Providence.

Leadership Alliance Health Equity Call to Action

A Leadership Alliance steering committee drafted this Health Equity Call to Action to reflect Alliance-wide commitment to advancing health equity. Chaired by Dr. Steppe Mette, Chief Clinical Officer for Alliance member UAMS Medical Center, the Committee challenges Alliance members and health professionals nationwide to endorse this Call to Action on the premise that achieving health equity is essential to achieving the full promise of the Triple Aim.