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Health Equity

Improving health and health care worldwide requires a focus on equity — equity of access, treatments, and outcomes. We will achieve health equity when each individual has a fair opportunity to achieve their full health potential.
There Is No Quality Without Health Equity

There Is No Quality Without Equity

IHI strives for a future free of health inequities and we commit our tools, talents, and teams to this essential human pursuit. We collaborate with organizations, communities, and individuals to accelerate the elimination of inequities in health and health care access, treatment, and outcomes. Together, we can make the improvements needed to achieve health equity.

Systemic, avoidable, predictable, and unjust differences in access, treatment, and outcomes between individuals and across populations should be particularly troubling for quality improvers. These types of differences are often referred to as inequities or disparities. 

Inequities are the worst type of unwanted variation in a system — variation linked to the complicated history and reality of racism, classism, sexism, ableism, ageism, and other forms of oppression. Quality improvers have a role to play and tools to use in health care systems and communities to end inequities.

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Improving Health Equity

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Improving Health Equity

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