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IHI Pursuing Equity

A Learning Network and Action Community on Equity and Racial Justice in Health Care

Everyone Has the Best Care and Health Possible

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) envisions that everyone has the best care and health possible. Achieving this vision requires a focus on equity and racial justice. The next iteration of IHI Pursuing Equity (January 2023  June 2024) will challenge and support a small cohort of teams to take bold strides through deep work, while a larger community will build the foundation for radical equity work.

IHI is offering the Pursuing Equity Learning Network and Action Community (January 2023 – June 2024free of charge. We gratefully acknowledge founding supporter, Genentech — a member of the Roche Group — for its generous funding support to the IHI Pursuing Equity Learning Network and Action Community.

Our Approach

IHI Pursuing Equity is designed to foster systemic action by health systems to achieve improvements in equity and become liberated in their racial justice efforts. There are two opportunities to choose from, the Learning Network or the Action Community, to provide participants at different stages of equity improvement with the targeted support they need. For both, the IHI team will provide the following types of support:

  • Build community and trust among participating organizations;
  • Maintain a communication system among participants to support rapid learning, connections, and relationship building with like-minded organizations;
  • Engage leading subject matter experts in equity, racial justice, and improvement science to support participating organizations;
  • Design and implement a messaging and dissemination plan to publicly highlight the learning and successes of participating organizations;
  • Leverage improvement methods and tools, plus IHI's Achieving Health Equity Framework, Psychology of Change Framework, and Community of Solutions Model.

The following table gives a high-level overview of the Learning Network and Action Community:


Learning Network

Action Community

CostBoth are free to join thanks to a grant from Genentech, member of the Roche Group. Participation fees are generally $30,000.
Timeframe Both will run from January 2023  June 2024 ​
Estimated size 40 participating teams10 participating teams
Teams will be equipped to bring tools, skills, and a deep understanding of equity and racial justice back to their organizationsTeams will have demonstrated an improved culture of equity and progressed on project(s) of their choosing
SupportsRegular learning- and discussion-based calls, as well as suggested activities to help bring concepts to lifeLearning- and discussion-based calls, in-person Learning Sessions, coaching sessions, racial justice affinity groups, and a leadership workgroup.
Trainings / Meet-ups

Both include participation in Racial Equity Institute's (REI) virtual Groundwater Training on systemic racism, which will provide a foundation for the initiative's equity and anti-racism work.

There will be an optional meet-up for all who attend the IHI Forum in December 2023.

Application ProcessSubmit the online application and letter of commitment from the chief executive officer (CEO) by November 1, 2022.
Submit the online application, a letter of commitment from CEO and Board Chair, and a video from your team by October 21, 2022.