IHI Open School for Hospitals and Health Systems

​Many organizations leverage the IHI Open School to build foundational capability in safety and quality improvement among staff at all levels and build the health care leaders of tomorrow. 

Hospitals and health systems around the world use the Open School to:

  • Develop the capability of health care staff in the areas of safety, quality improvement, equity, and person-centered care
  • Develop a common language within their organizations about system improvement and quality improvement methods
  • Guide clinicians to deeply consider what matters to patients and populations, and how to achieve more equitable care
  • Introduce employees to new career pathways in patient safety and quality improvement
  • Reinforce trainees, residents, and fellows in learnings around patient safety, quality, and quality improvement
  • Provide a gateway into advanced training for employees like the Certified Professional in Patient SafetyTM credential

  • Augment the practices supporting an organization’s high-reliability journey

Build Your Staff While Helping Them Get Their CE Credits

Used as a stand-alone resource or as part of a larger initiative to build common capacity and language, the Open School provides an opportunity to train staff and help them achieve their required Continuing Education (CE) credits. The Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety curriculum (13 courses) include 17.5 CE credits and the Safety and Quality Improvement Micro-Credential*.

When we interview health care leaders of today, many describe the Open School as a catalyst for their interest in patient safety and quality improvement.  

Build Your Residents and Fellows

For ACGME organizations, the Open School offers an out-of-the-box solution to meeting the criteria for practice-based learning. Open School courses are designed to give learners the ability to connect new quality improvement and patient safety knowledge to their daily work using critical thinking skills and self-evaluation.

Benefits of a Group Subscription

With a group subscription to the IHI Open School, hospitals and health system learners can:

  • Access students' completion data as an administrator 
  • Receive discounts on IHI's Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS) Review Course
  • Enable the learners of Open School to earn Continuing Education Credits
  • Become a member of IHI's upcoming Community of Practice
  • Take advantage of our exclusive Educator's Toolkit. For those organizations who leverage the Open School in their new employee onboarding program, the toolkit includes course summaries, teaching slides, assignments, exams, and recommended readings for each of the 13 courses in the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety. Click here to view sample slides for QI 101.

Coming in Fall 2023: Join the IHI Community of Practice for Hospitals and Health Systems. As a member organization, you will be part of a community that is focused on leveraging and scaling the knowledge of the Open School to improve organizational safety and quality. Learn from other members how they are using the Open School at their organizations to improve quality and safety. We will also be leveraging the Community of Practice to understand the trajectory of your organization’s needs for new courses and resources to continue to build your staff and advance patient care.


​# of Participants 
​Cost ($USD)* 
​Price Per Student
​Price Per Course **

                                                                                              **Price Per course based on the Basic Certificate (13 courses)

Purchase Now

To subscribe for a group with 500+ participants, please contact memberinfo@ihi.org.

Note: Subscriptions will not auto-renew. We will contact you when your subscription is approaching expiration. Scholarships may be available in cases of financial hardship.

*A micro-credential is a digital badge showing proof of completion for a series of courses from an accredited learning institution. They let employers and your professional network know that you have proficiency in a subject area.