IHI networks amplify the opportunities for vanguard improvement leaders and organizations to align their influence, advance transformational innovations, and impact the speed of knowledge exchange in service of creating greater impact on health for and with patients, families, and communities.
IHI Networks

Networks Designed to Meet Both Unique Needs and Shared Purpose

Individuals, organizations, and other conveners are invited to collaborate with IHI, and with each other, in networks designed to meet specific, unique needs as well as co-design around shared purpose and urgent health care issues. 

Current and Emerging IHI Networks

IHI networks include: 

Emerging networks reflect: 

  • Organizations working with IHI in longitudinal efforts to advance unprecedented transformation 
  • Leadership teams committed to specific innovations and impact at scale 
  • Government or industry convening allies eager to work in collaboration to advance strategic improvement priorities 

IHI builds and facilitates the infrastructure to actively manage each network while fostering connections across the globe.

IHI also continues to collaborate and expand our networks through multi-modal, multi-year direct consulting work with current as well as new partners. Leadership and participation in one or more IHI network are an important aspect of these long-term relationships and related consulting.

As we work to accelerate and amplify change in an increasingly complex world, IHI networks create opportunities for rapid knowledge sharing across IHI’s global community.

Strategic Partnerships

For more than 15 years, IHI has collaborated closely with diverse partner organizations, collectively working toward a significant shift in the health care landscape. Our journey together began with a shared idea: to innovate and transform health care. 

Through these years of collaboration, our partnerships have flourished, giving rise to dedicated leadership teams, all committed to specific innovations. The momentum is building, delivering transformation in how health care is approached and delivered around the world. We have found new allies in governments, private sectors, and across the care delivery industry. 

Together, we have refined our strategic priorities, fine-tuning our approach to usher in this new era of health care. To continue our mission of transforming health care, we are evolving to better serve our closest partners and a growing number of new collaborators who are invited to join the emerging portfolio of IHI networks.