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Improvement Capability

The science of improvement provides concepts, methods, and tools to envision, achieve, and sustain positive change. Equipping ourselves with these essential quality improvement skills helps us to identify improvement opportunities, test and implement effective changes, and scale-up and sustain better ways of working.

At the heart of IHI's work is the science of improvement — an applied science that emphasizes innovation, rapid-cycle testing in the field, and spread in order to generate learning about what changes, in which contexts, produce improvements. 

Whether in daily work, departmental processes, or across a system, the application of improvement methods can lead to better health outcomes and experiences for our patients, as well as a more effective and joyful workforce. 

IHI offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, teams, and organizations to learn improvement methods, including in-person and online programs as well as tools and other resources.

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Providing the best experience and outcomes for your patients, workforce, and communities is important to you — it's important to us, too. In partnership with your organization, IHI provides expertise, methods, tools, and best practices to address current challenges while also building capability and systems to continuously improve and excel, both today and in the future.
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Dedicated improvement professionals from around the world are convening at the IHI Forum on December 8–11, 2024, to tackle health care's most pressing challenges. Please join us!

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