Coming Soon: Teacher's Edition

Looking for more specific help integrating the Open School courses into your curriculum? The Open School is in the midst of developing a Teacher’s Edition of our online course (available for purchase summer 2017). Check out a sample of the following materials that will be available to support the Basic Certificate in Quality & Safety.
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Teaching Resources: Tools for Training Students and Staff in QI

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Institutional faculty and organizational leaders around the world rely on the Open School courses as an easy way to bring essential training in quality improvement and patient safety to students and staff — creating a common language around improvement and giving learners crucial skills to become leaders and agents of change in health care. 
To help make it easier to provide this training, the Open School offers the Dashboard and Educator's Toolkit as part of a group subscription. Learn more about subscription options here​.

Now Available: Educator's Toolkit

Looking for help integrating the Open School courses into your curriculu​m? The Open School recently rele​ased its Educator’s Toolkit, available with a group subscription​. Check out a sample of materials that are now available to support the ​Basic Certificate in Quality & Safety below.​​promoimage2.png

QI 101

Lesson plan

Lecture slides




Exam (by request)

QI 102

Lesson plan

Lecture slides




Exam (by request)

Free Resource: IHI Open School Faculty Guide

There are several approaches to integrating Open School content into training programs, for example: 
Require students to complete the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety, choose a few of our online courses to teach specific concepts, ​​use Open School learning activities to facilitate discussion and project-based learning.

No matter the approach, when it comes to integrating Open School content into their curricula, faculty and trainers ask for advice and resources around many of the same things. This guide aims to better support all faculty in these efforts.

Download the guide. ​​

Additional Resources
  • Download the IHI Open School Course Catalog to see which content may be the best fit at your institution. (You may find that our Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety, which includes 13 of our core courses, is a good place to start). This document includes a complete course listing, including lesson titles, authors, and learning objectives.
  • Learn more about the benefits of a group or faculty subscription, including the D​ashboard and Educator's Toolkit.
  • Visit our Activities Library for supplemental learning to add to your quality and safety or health curriculum. Try using our short videos to facilitate group discussion.
  • Take a look at our Graduate Medical Education (GME) faculty training courses. These five ​courses aim to build stronger, more integrated clinical learning programs.
  • Review the
    selection of related case studies and articles below, organized by professional program, for a more in-depth look at how faculty have used the Open School courses over time.


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​  Interprofessional and/or University-wide: