IHI Open School Back to School 2023 (8/28/2023)

Attention IHI Open School Users: Below you will find a list of key changes that will affect your learning experience.

For All Open School Users:

  • New look and navigation! The IHI Open School has a new look, and you can now move from section to section within a course in a smoother, more uniform way. Your progress through the course is displayed on the left panel. Also, be aware of these new features:
    • Use the "START HERE" section at the beginning of each lesson for information and directions for the new features.
    • The prompts for course activities are new, opening in dynamic pop-up windows. Important: You will need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker to view the course activities prompts.
    • To leave the course, the "Exit" button is located at the top right of the browser window.
  • Clear your web browser history. For users who have not logged into the IHI Open School Education Platform after August 7, 2023, it is important to clear the web browser history to remove any previous versions prior to the system upgrade and to avoid potential issues, such as: courses do not load properly, flashing course components, and an altered welcome page. Each web browser is different, so please seek help and directions for clearing browser history directly from the specific browser in use.
  • Turn off pop-up blockers for optimal content use. Both the software and the content in the IHI Open School Education Platform have been upgraded. You will need to grant permission in your web browser to enable pop-ups to function to access some interactive content. A warning will appear if your pop-ups are enabled and blocking the content from loading. Each web browser is different, so please seek help and instructions directly from the browser in use for directions on disabling pop-ups only for the IHI Open School Education Platform. Some general directions are available in the START HERE section at the beginning of each Open School course lesson.
  • Avoid course incompletion by ensuring all course content, including all videos and audio recordings, have been played through in their entirety. This includes scrolling down to the bottom of each page and opening each hyperlink on each page.

For Students and Users with Group Subscription Access:

  • You have Full Access to the Open School catalog, but not to the free Student Version. We have updated and created a new Full Access version of each course for paid subscribers that includes access to continuing education (CE) certificates and contact hours. The Student Version will continue to appear in the course listing and will show as "Add to Cart". The Student Version is for free subscribers and does not include access to CEs. Use the "Browse by" section to filter the options using the category "Open School: English: Full Access".

For Students and Residents with a Free Subscription:

  • You have access to the IHI Open School free Student Version, which includes the 13 courses in the Basic Certificate curriculum. We have updated the 13 courses included in the Basic Certificate curriculum for subscribers to the free Student Version. Access to courses that are not included in the Basic Certificate requires a paid subscription; these courses are listed in the student catalog as "Add to Cart". You may purchase a full subscription to access these additional courses by going here. Use the "Browse by" section to filter the options by the category "Open School: English: Student Version".
  • Courses included in the Open School Student Version. Subscribers to the free Student Version have access to the 13 foundational courses: QI 101-105, PS 101-105, TA 101, PFC 101, and L 101. To access courses not included in the 13 foundational courses, a paid subscription is required. 
  • Certificates of completion for the free Student Version are available on completion of each course in the 13-course Basic Certificate curriculum. Certificates of completion are not valid for continuing education credits or for claiming contact hours. Certificates for completion of the free Student Version courses are only to acknowledge the student’s participation and endeavors in learning; we do not provide transcripts for courses taken through the IHI Open School. 
  • Other access changes to the free Student Version. Faculty, Deans, and Administrators at higher education institutions are no longer eligible for a free subscription. An individual professional or group subscription is required to access the Open School catalog. Please note that only group subscriptions include access to the educator’s toolkit and the administrative dashboard for reporting and tracking course completion of groups and/or students. 

Education Platform Maintenance Taking Place August 7–8 (8/4/2023)

The IHI Education Platform will be offline August 7 (11:30 PM ET) through August 8 (12 PM ET) while we make some improvements. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Major Updates Coming to the IHI Open School (6/21/2023) 

More than 20+ courses will be updated within the IHI Open School curriculum starting July 10. With these updates, you will find many improvements to the overall learning experience including:

  • A sleek new course interface that’s easier to navigate
  • Enhanced courses featuring new interactive content
  • Increased accessibility for 508 compliance
The system will experience an outage beginning at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on July 7, 2023, that will last through Monday, July 10, 2023. During this outage, access will be limited and courses that are being upgraded will be unavailable. All IHI Open School users must complete any courses that are currently in progress by July 7, 2023, at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  

After the update, no in-p
rogress course data will be saved from your prior session and you will have to restart the course to receive credit. (Updated June 22nd, 2023)

Changes to the IHI Open School Student-Level Subscription Plan (6/21/2023)

Effective July 10, 2023, users under the free IHI Open School student-level subscription plan will no longer have access to earning Continuing Education credits. To obtain Continuing Education credits for IHI Open School courses, students will need to upgrade to a paid subscription plan. To learn more about our subscription plans for individuals, please click here. Group subscription plans are also available for Institutions of Higher Learning(Updated July 10, 2023)

Changes to Pricing for IHI Open School Subscriptions and Bundles (4/21/2023)

As an independent not-for-profit organization, IHI is committed to providing accessible, quality education that enables students and professionals to thrive in transforming the world of health care. To continue to improve the Open School platform and its virtual courses, we will be raising our subscription prices beginning May 1, 2023. 

Over the next few months, learners will receive a greater user experience featuring improved navigation and usability, enhanced course interactivity, and updated content and information to maximize their learning experience. These price increases will go into effect for all IHI Open School subscription plans. For more information on subscription plans for individuals, click here. Group subscription information can be found for Hospitals and Health Systems and Institutions of Higher Learning.

We appreciate your continued support of our ongoing efforts to improve health and health care worldwide. If you have any questions please contact memberinfo@Ihi.org. (Updated July 10, 2023)