Optimizing a Business Case for Safe Health Care: An Integrated Approach to Safety and Finance

Institute for Healthcare Improvement / National Patient Safety Foundation
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

A resource toolkit from the IHI/NPSF Patient Safety Coalition to guide collaboration among health professionals and financial leaders to demonstrate the value and return on investment for safer, quality care.

Patient and workforce safety should be a core value of health care organizations, but given limited resources, investments in safety must be weighed against other priorities. Collaboration of safety and financial leaders is essential to creating and presenting a solid business case for safety work.

The purpose of this resource is to equip patient safety leaders with tools and approaches with which they can make a compelling business case for organizational investments in patient safety.

  • The main document offers guidelines to assess organizational readiness for a safety initiative, gather information and data, draft a business case for the work, and deliver a presentation to decision makers.
  • Associated tools and templates are included to help organize and present the work.
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