IHI Open School for Institutions of Higher Learning

IHI Open School for Institutions of Higher Learning

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Institutions of higher learning worldwide use the IHI Open School to expose students to foundational concepts and develop critical knowledge in patient safety and quality improvement. Core topics covered in the Open School courses are relevant to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, allied health professionals, public health students, and community health workers.
When we interview health care leaders of today, many describe the IHI Open School as a catalyst for their interest in patient safety and quality improvement.  


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To subscribe for a group with 500+ participants, please contact memberinfo@ihi.org.

Note: Subscriptions will not auto-renew. We will contact you when your subscription is approaching expiration. Scholarships may be available in cases of financial hardship.

New in 2023: Join the IHI Community of Practice for Institutions of Higher Learning

As a member organization, you will be part of a community that is focused on leveraging and scaling the knowledge of the Open School to improve organizational safety and quality. Learn from other members how they are using the Open School at their organizations to improve quality and safety. We will also be leveraging the Community of Practice to understand the trajectory of your organization’s needs for new courses and resources to continue to build your staff and advance patient care.


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