IHI Open School for Students and Residents

IHI Open School for Students and Residents

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IHI offers free access to Open School online courses to participants that meet certain eligibility requirements. This free Open School curriculum gives access to our Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety and the Safety and Quality Improvement Micro-Credential*, which is comprised of 13 courses that provide a well-rounded introduction to quality, safety, population health, equity, health care leadership, and person- and family-centered care. Completing these courses will earn students a micro-certification demonstrating competency in these areas.
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IHI offers a downloadable, comprehensive guide on how to sign up for the free IHI Open School curriculum as a student user, access your courses, and answer any frequently asked questions.

Download the IHI Open School User Guide for Students Accessing the Free Curriculum


*A micro-credential shows proof of completion for a series of courses from an accredited learning institution. They let employers and your professional network know that you have proficiency in a subject area. You can reference this micro-credential on your resume or CV as “Safety and Quality Improvement Micro-Credential, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, (Date of completion).”

Please note that users under the free curriculum cannot obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits. To be able to earn CE credits, we recommend signing up for an individual subscription.

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