Person- and Family-Centered Care

​​​​Our goal: Usher in a new era of partnerships between clinicians and individuals where the values, needs, and preferences of the individual are honored; the best evidence is applied; and the shared goal is optimal functional health and quality of life. More >>

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Brave Space Conversation: Partnership in the Face of Two Pandemics
Listen to this conversation about promoting equity across the health system between Ayodola Anise, Patrick Gee, Denean Rivers, and LaToshia Rouse. Panelists shared personal stories as they described the two pandemics of COVID-19 and structural racism and impacts in the lives and health of African Americans today.

Questions to Guide the Future of Primary Care
The COVID-19 pandemic has already led to massive changes in primary care. In this IHI Blog post, Don Berwick, IHI President Emeritus, notes that we are at an important inflection point and he poses some questions to consider the future of primary care.

Data Reveals Opportunity to Improve EHRs to Support Age-Friendly Health Systems
Researchers conducted a national hospital survey to measure adoption of EHR functions that support care for older adults, focusing on structured documentation of the 4Ms Framework of Age-Friendly Health Systems (What Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility) and electronic health information exchange/communication with patients, caregivers, and long-term care providers.

Driving the Urgent Need to Improve Nursing Home Care
Clinicians and staff caring for nursing home residents are learning from the COVID-19 pandemic that has tragically impacted many lives. Participants in IHI’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Network for Nursing Homes have created a driver diagram and change package that offer pragmatic solutions to problems caused or exacerbated by the pandemic.

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