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Visual Management Board

A visual management board is used as a key communication tool that provides at-a-glance information about current process performance, both quantitative and qualitative data, to help clinical unit staff coordinate and guide their daily work and monitor ongoing improvement projects.


  • Description of a visual management board
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  • 5 tips for visual management boards
  • How to implement a visual management board using PDSA cycles

Health care teams need current performance data to guide their work and sustain improvement. Visual management boards provide teams with at-a-glance information about performance. 

Displayed publicly or semi-publicly, the boards include unit-level measures that align with system-wide strategic goals, such as improving quality and safety or lowering costs of care, as well as measures that reflect current improvement efforts and tools to support standard work.

Data displayed on the board help teams track key metrics. These visual data displays are typically accompanied by a daily communication process such as a daily huddle.


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