IHI Innovation System

​​​​IHIInnovationSystemWhitePaper_COVER_thumb.jpgIHI has focused its innovation efforts on health care delivery: identifying evidence-based better practices for care delivery and developing methods to systematically implement these practices at scale everywhere they are needed.

By creating its own innovation system, IHI has not only developed dozens of ideas that are in practice around the world, but also learned how to create and manage an innovation function within an improvement organization.

Develop an Innovation System in Your Organization

This white paper describes how a health care organization might create its own internal innovation system, based on the needs of the organization, that focuses on improving health care delivery. We share our nearly 30 years of experience with innovation at IHI, using examples to highlight how to move through this process, determine what is right for your organization, and balance innovation activities with ongoing operations.

The paper provides a detailed description of the IHI innovation system and includes guidance on:

  • Determining the innovation system architecture: goals, priorities, and dedicated resources for innovation 
  • Creating a disciplined innovation process, which includes an in-depth description of IHI's 90-Day Learning and Testing Cycles
  • Establishing ongoing management of the innovation system: identifying innovation drivers, developing processes, and integrating operations and innovation

How to Cite This Paper:
Martin LA, Mate K. IHI Innovation System. IHI White Paper. Boston, Massachusetts: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2018. (Available at ihi.org)

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