​​Triple Aim for Populations – ​Applying integrated approaches to simultaneously improve care, improve population health, and reduce costs per capita

There is a growing realization that the successful health and health care systems of the future will be those that can simultaneously deliver excellent quality of care, at optimized costs, while improving the health of their population. This is known as the IHI Triple Aim, and we believe it is the ultimate destination for the high-performing hospitals and health systems of the future.

IHI is helping partners to understand and stratify the needs of their populations, to activate those populations to improve their health, and to map and utilize all of the assets in their communities to achieve improvements in health, experience of care, and costs. We convene learning networks to share best practices and proven approaches, and we develop capacity within organizations for population health improvement.

IHI’s focus on Triple Aim for populations includes:

  • New models of population health management;
  • Change packages to support the Triple Aim, starting with high-risk, high-cost populations;
  • Large campaigns and other population health initiatives to improve population outcomes at scale, with a particular focus on reducing disparities or inequities;
  • Extending reach and impact by building capacity and skills for population health improvement; and
  • Providing assessment, design, and capability for comprehensive quality strategies for nations and other large health systems.