Reliable Systems and Processes

As health care organizations strive to join the ranks of other high-reliability organizations, many health settings continue to struggle with the basic challenge of developing reliable systems. Reliable systems can reduce defects and rework and facilitate safer care of our patients, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Reliable systems can also improve respect for people’s work and joy in work. By engaging in the development of more reliable processes, team members can become more engaged in their work and know what their role is in achieving the mission of the organization, the unit, or the practice. And reliable systems also enable patients to know when variations in care occur, giving our most valuable team members the opportunity to “stop the line.”  

Join IHI in on the journey to develop more reliable systems in health care by taking advantage of the resources below.

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In this video series, IHI's Frank Federico talks about reliability and designing processes to make them more reliable.​​​

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