Pathways to Population Health (P2PH) is an initiative that has identified four portfolios of work health care organizations can undertake to accelerate their progress in improving health, well-being, and equity.

Organizations can use these P2PH resources to jump start or accelerate their efforts to improve population health.


Pathways to Population Health Framework

The Pathways to Population Health Framework presents four portfolios of population health that offer health care organizations a simple way to organize their work in service of ultimately achieving a balance over time for greatest impact.Pathways to Population Framework

This resource includes:

  • Foundational concepts and a common language (the WHY)
  • Four interconnected portfolios of population health (the WHAT)
  • Levers for implementation to accelerate progress within and across the portfolios (the HOW)

Download the Pathways to Population Health Framework

Pathways to Population Health Compass and Oasis

Identify opportunities to make practical, meaningful, and sustainable advances in population health based on your current population health efforts using the Compass. Access a curated list of population health tools and resources by portfolio and lever of implementation (the P2PH Oasis) and an action planning form in the appendices. A meaningful way to use the Compass is to have various stakeholders complete it and then come together to discuss their scores and perspectives.

Download the Compass PDF

The Compass is also available as an online assessment tool, which walks you through each question and generates a report of your scores.

Getting Started Guide: Accelerating Population Health Progress

This guide brings together various Pathways to Population Health (P2PH) tools and resources in a practical and actionable way to support health care professionals and organizations as they accelerate their progress toward the goals of population health, well-being, and equity. At the heart of the guide is the 10-Step Path to Progress.

Download the Getting Started Guide

Pathways to Population Health Case Studies

Learn about how other organizations have taken the Pathways to Population Health concepts and tools to augment their population health improvement efforts.

Download Case Study: New Hampshire Foundation for Healthy Communities

Download Case Study: Providence St. Joseph Health

Download Case Study: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Additional Resources

Pathways to Population Health Framework Asset Mapping

Pathways to Population Health Action Planning Form

Population Health: Guide for Undertaking a 3-Part Data Review

Population Health: Guide for Undertaking a 3-Part Data Review (Equity Version)