Do you want to engage with fellow leaders, share best practices, and collaborate to lead and generate innovative improvement?


  • IHI National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care (and CEO Summit held in conjunction with the National Forum)
  • IHI/BMJ International Forum on Quality and Safety: Europe
  • Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare
  • Latin American Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare
  • IHI Africa Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

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Leadership Networks

IHI Leadership Alliance
Today’s health care leaders have at least two major jobs: Deliver great health care and high value today, and innovate for the emerging health and health care models of tomorrow. These are the goals of the IHI Leadership Alliance, an exclusive leadership initiative for ambitious health care system executives and their teams.

IHI Health Improvement Alliance Europe
A coalition of progressive leaders who are united for change, driven by collaboration, and focused on achieving health and health care results in Europe.