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IHI Chief Quality Officer Professional Development Program

The health and well-being of the IHI community is our top priority. Please read IHI's COVID-19 mask and vaccination policy before registering for any IHI program, course, or conference with an in-person component.

​​​Health care organizations need a key asset to achieve system-wide quality:
​Dedicated leaders.

​​Will you be one of them?

If you’re ready to be responsible for quality at the highest levels of your US-based organization, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)’s Chief Quality Officer Professional Development Program will help you develop and refine the skills you need. Whether you’re a Chief Quality Officer (CQO) already or in a quality role with aims to advance, this ​professional development program will enable you to develop the executive leadership skills required to put quality and safety at the top of the priority list for your organization. 

If you could benefit from learning these skills and are based in Europe, Australia, or Canada, you may be interested in the IHI Quality Leaders Professional Development Programme.

​Why it Matters

You already know that as a CQO, you need to get your Board and senior leadership engaged. You also need to measure and report on quality and safety indicators, achieve high-quality person-centered care, reduce waste and costs, and monitor accreditation and compliance.

This program will help you make progress in all of these areas. Our expert faculty will:

  • Lead you through a framework to help your organization focus on quality as a system
  • Coach you on how to strategically plan for quality and execute rigorous system-wide improvement initiatives
  • Advise you on how to sustain and manage gains while engaging your people
  • Help you to create the infrastructure than enables it all to happen


Over the course of the six-month program (delivered in two in-person sessions and monthly virtual calls) this program offers:
  • Project-based learning to help you establish an effective quality management system built on quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement
  • Real-world examples of best practices, approaches, and methods to apply in your own setting
  • A grounding in improvement science and the latest methodologies for leading quality across an organization
  • Case studies and advice from today's CQOs about how they are leading this work across diverse organizations — and how you can, too 
  • A unique network of quality leader peers for support during the course and after you return home

​Who Should Attend*

Consider registering for this program if you are a:
  • Current CQO who is looking for a best-practice framework for leading quality
  • Quality leader who would like to prepare to become a CQO in the future
  • C-suite leader responsible for quality​

​*Please note while this program is mostly region agnostic, it does have some US-centric aspects related to governance and reimbursement.​

Looking to apply these learnings globally?

Apply global best practices to quality management with international experts, during IHI's sister CQO program, Quality Leaders Professional Development Programme, which is based in the United Kingdom.