Triple Aim for Populations

​​​​Our goal: Drive the Triple Aim, simultaneously improving the health of the population, enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient, and reducing per capita cost of care for the benefit of communities. More >>
The Triple Aim framework serves as the foundation for organizations and communities to successfully navigate the transition from a focus on health care to optimizing health for individuals and populations.

In the Spotlight

On the Quintuple Aim: Why Expand Beyond the Triple Aim?
In this blog post, IHI CEO Dr. Kedar Mate comments on the new JAMA Viewpoint on the quintuple aim that he co-authored, providing context for the proposal to add aims to the Triple Aim framework. "[W]e can think of the Quintuple Aim as points on a star — a North Star that may guide our health system forward."

The Quintuple Aim for Health Care Improvement: A New Imperative to Advance Health Equity
A new JAMA Viewpoint proposes expanding the original Triple Aim (improving population health, enhancing the care experience, reducing costs) beyond the "quadruple aim" (addressing clinician burnout) to a "quintuple aim" that includes advancing health equity.

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