Patient Safety

​​​​​​​Our goal: To advance a total systems approach to safety around the world. Together with like-minded health care leaders, organizations, practitioners, and patients, IHI drives innovative thinking and bold leaps forward that none of us could achieve on our own. More >>

In the Spotlight

Family Caregivers: Protect Your Loved Ones from Medication Overload
This article from Health Aging magazine provides suggestions for how to ensure that loved ones, especially older adults, do not suffer from medication overload.

This Inexpensive Action Lowers Hospital Infections and Protects Against Flu Season
This Forbes article explores studies that show that managing the relative humidity of the care environment can reduce the spread of infection, suggesting low-cost actions to improve safety.

Handoff Bundle Decreased Medical Errors and Preventable Adverse Events
Use of a handoff bundle was shown to reduce medical error rates in an academic family medicine inpatient setting. The study, published in Medicine journal, built on the findings from a 2013 study, testing use of the bundle with a more varied sample of patients.

Start Small to Create a Safety Culture
Read about Vanderbilt University Medical Center's journey toward a culture of safety. Starting with improved handwashing, they applied lessons learned to a range of other challenges across the organization. Get more ideas for improving safety culture at the IHI National Forum on December 8-11 in Orlando, Florida.

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