Patient Safety

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In the Spotlight

In-hospital Mortality and the “Weekend Effect”
A recent study published in BMJ Quality & Safety used an international dataset to compare administrative data for emergency and surgical elective patients treated in hospitals in England, Australia, United States, and the Netherlands to confirm the “weekend effect.” They found that mortality outcomes “vary within each country and per day of the week in agreement with previous studies of the weekend effect.” 

A “Must Do” List for Safety Practice Compliance
In this recent Health Affairs Blog post, Dr. Robert Wachter, on behalf of the National Patient Safety Foundation board members, calls on health care organizations, accreditors, funders, and payers to promote a “must do” list of practices to improve patient safety. The first two recommended practices are hand hygiene and influenza vaccination for health care workers. “While ‘no blame’ remains the correct reaction to most mistakes, it is not the appropriate response when clinicians are disruptive, incompetent, or willfully choose to ignore evidence-based safety rules.”

Reducing Risks and Defects with Help from the Front Lines
Listen to this WIHI audio broadcast which features expert faculty discussing the potential for those working at the front lines of health care to address safety problems as they emerge and create replicable solutions as part of daily work.

Baby Name Change in NICU Reduces Medical Errors
A study conducted at Montefiore Medical Center and published in Pediatrics found that using a new naming convention for newborns resulted in a 36.3 percent reduction in medical errors. 


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