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Better Hospital Design Decreases Unnecessary C-section Rate
A new study conducted by Ariadne Labs with MASS Design Group and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation looks at how a facility’s design may lead to an increased rate of C-section births in the US. The researchers observed that the ratio of C-sections within one hospital can vary dramatically, from 7% to 70% — and when a gynecologist works in more than one facility, the number of C-sections for that physician can vary significantly by facility.

Six Resolutions to Reboot Patient Safety
In this blog post IHI President and CEO, Derek Feeley, proposes six “resolutions” as guiding principles for organizations to gain new ground toward safer systems of care for patients and providers.
IHI and the National Patient Safety Foundation Are Joining Forces

Recognizing that patient safety needs fresh, robust approaches and constant focus for health care systems today, IHI and the National Patient Safety Foundation announce plans for a merger, effective May 1. IHI President and CEO, Derek Feeley, says now is the perfect time for the two organizations to join forces to help reset and reenergize the patient safety agenda.

Long-Term Opioid Addiction Can Start in the ER
In this Los Angeles Times article, two physicians call for developing standard measures for the safety and appropriateness of opioid prescribing in the ER. “One might expect that emergency physicians would have a standard approach to treating pain. But we found the opposite was true.” 


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