Patient Safety

Our goal: Work with countries, regions, organizations, and individuals to build safety into every system of care, ensuring that patients receive the safest, most reliable care across the continuum. More >>

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A Framework for Safe, Reliable, and Effective Care
A new, free resource from IHI helps organizations on their journey to create systems of safety. The IHI White Paper, A Framework for Safe, Reliable, and Effective Care, outlines the component principles of a safe system. The framework can be used as a diagnostic tool for assessing work-to-date and also provides a roadmap for applying the principles.

The Next Era for Patient Safety: Resources to Guide Your Journey
On a recent WIHI, IHI’s Derek Feeley and Don Berwick discussed moving from project-based safety to systems of safety. Of the relationship between quality and safety, Berwick observed that the two concepts have wrongly become two distinct efforts in some practitioners’ minds: “When you say, ‘safety and quality’ it’s like saying ‘apples and fruit.’” This blog post summarizes some key takeaways from the discussion. See the WIHI page for a recording of the discussion and other related tools.

What’s the Impact of Provider Burnout on Patient Safety?
In this recent NEJM Catalyst blog post, authors from Mayo Clinic and the American Medical Association discuss how “information chaos” and other factors contribute to provider burnout and impact patient safety.

How to Speak Up for Safety
With so much talk about safety culture, it may seem that speaking up when problems arise would be a normal part of the health care workplace — but that’s often not the case. Guests on this recent WIHI audio broadcast discuss the barriers to speaking up and some solutions for how we can do better.    


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