Patient Safety at IHI National Forum

December 9-12, 2018
Orlando, FL

Patient Safety is a featured topic track at the 2018 IHI National Forum.

Patient Safety

​Our goal: Work with countries, regions, organizations, and individuals to build safety into every system of care, ensuring that patients receive the safest, most reliable care across the continuum. More >>

In the Spotlight

National Steering Committee for Patient Safety
Seeking renewed energy and focus for the US patient safety agenda, IHI convened representatives from the health care, policy, regulatory, and advocacy communities to begin work on a national strategy for reducing medical harm. The National Steering Committee for Patient Safety is charged with developing a roadmap to accelerate progress across all systems and settings.

Sustaining and Strengthening Safety Huddles
The safety huddle​ has become an important way for hospitals to surface safety concerns affecting patients and the health care workforce. Listen to this recent WIHI audio program about how to strengthen and sustain safety huddles in your organization. You might also be interested in IHI’s Daily Huddles tool.

You Can’t Protect Your Patients Without Protecting Your Workers
Worker safety influences patient safety, yet health care organizations lag other industries in ensuring a safe work environment. In this Modern Healthcare article, David Michaels, former head of OSHA, discusses how health systems can learn from other industries in the drive to achieve operational excellence. Michaels is faculty for the IHI/NPSF Patient Safety Congress on May 23-25.

Finding the Root Cause: The “5 Whys” Tool
One technique for identifying the root cause of a problem is to ask “Why?” five times. Ask, “Why did this happen?” Don’t stop at the answer to this first question — ask “Why?” again and again until you reach the root cause. Use the IHI tool template to try this approach in your work.

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