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Patient Safety

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IHI CEO Emphasizes Need for "Curb Cut Solutions" to Patient Safety Issues
At the IHI Forum in early December, IHI CEO Kedar Mate made a case for patient safety solutions that help marginalized populations and also benefit the greater public.

Why COVID-19 Makes Achieving Optimal Patient Flow More Important Than Ever
Optimal patient flow for safety has never been more critical than in the COVID era. Dramatic expansion of emergency departments, acute care, and critical care units to meet the anticipated needs of COVID-19 positive patients has been essential to provide safe and effective care for patients in crisis.This recent IHI Blog post highlights lessons from ;"Achieving Hospital-wide Patient Flow (Second Edition)."

How to Safely Restart Elective Surgeries after a COVID Spike
Authors of this HBR article recommend that as organizations prepare to restart elective surgeries, they must consider the unique safety risks presented by the pandemic. Health care systems can identify and mitigate threats to ensure that surgical teams tackle the backlog of procedures using reliabilty science to ensure patient safety.

Study Finds Higher Incidence of Adverse Events in Isolated Patients
A new study in BMJ Open shows significantly higher incidence of adverse events, the majority from healthcare-associated infections, in isolated patients compared with non-isolated patients.

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