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In the Spotlight

One Cause of Maternal Mortality Is More Common Than You May Think
Atrium Health shares lessons learned and actionable steps to prevent hemorrhage-related maternal mortality and morbidity, an issue that disproportiantely impacts Black women.

My Story Tool: Person-Centered Long-Term Care
The My Story tool, created by Maryland's Anne Arundel County Department of Aging and Disabilities, helps long- term care health care providers and staff know the person for whom they are caring and what matters most to them.

COVID-19: Peer Support and Crisis Communication Strategies to Promote Institutional Resilience
In this article, the authors draw on experience with responding to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), H1N1 influenza, and the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster to summarize best practices for fostering organizational resilience in the COVID-19 era.

How Planning for Failure Can Make Telehealth Safer
This recent IHI blog post discusses using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis to improve telehealth visits.

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