Patient Safety

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In the Spotlight

Should I Tell Our Patient That We Made an Error?
In this “Dear IHI” post, Frank Federico, IHI Vice President and safety expert, explains the benefits of transparency after error for both patients and caregivers. He also notes a new AHRQ toolkit as a helpful resource for communicating with patients after an adverse event.

Hope After Loss: A Father Calls on the Next Generation to Improve Health Care
On a quest for answers after the death of his son, Alex, John James reviewed Alex’s medical record and studied the cardiology literature. He found multiple errors that contributed to his son’s untimely, unnecessary death. He calls on the next generation to take up the mantle to improve the safety of our health care system for both providers and patients.  

Communicating Findings of Delayed Diagnostic Evaluation to Primary Care Providers
This recent study, published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, found missed results when using escalating steps to communicate with primary care providers about delayed follow up of “red-flag” findings. The authors recommend further study to identify effective ways to include prompts about possible delays into the clinical teams’ workflow.

A Second Look at the Report on Medical Errors
In this blog post, IHI President and CEO Derek Feeley reacts to the recent BMJ article, which identified medical error as the third leading cause of death in the US. He suggests that, as important as those numbers are, we must also be mindful that deaths represent only a fraction of the harm caused by medical errors. He also suggests that we consider a much broader definition of harm.


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Patient Safety Executive Development Program
September 8-14, 2016 | Cambridge, MA

Accelerated Patient Safety Programme
October 3-6, 2016 | Manchester, England

28th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care
December 4-7, 2016 | Orlando, FL

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