Patient Safety

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In the Spotlight

Transparency as a Path to Improve Patient Safety
This recent Health Affairs Blog post by members of the National Patient Safety Foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute calls for a renewed focus on transparency as “the most important single attribute of a culture of safety.” They recommend ways that health care leaders can begin moving toward greater transparency.

Higher Risks for Common Procedures at Low-Volume Hospitals
A US News & World Report article highlights the safety risk associated with having procedures in low-volume hospitals compared to high-volume hospitals. “Medicare data in the US News analysis show that the relative risk of death for the hospital's elective knee replacement patients was 24 times the national average and three times the national average for hip replacement patients.”

Hurting for Answers: The Challenge of How to Improve Pain Management
In this blog, Dr. John Krueger, faculty for IHI's Advancing Pain Management and Opioid Safety Expedition, talks about challenges and strategies for safely managing patient’s pain. “As health care providers, we want to meet all our patients’ expectations, but sometimes that’s not the right thing to do… It’s helpful to start by telling patients up front that not harming them or making their situation worse is your guiding, non-negotiable principle.”

Using Care Bundles to Improve Health Care Quality
This IHI white paper describes the history, theory of change, design concepts, and outcomes associated with the development and use of bundles over the past decade. White paper authors Roger Resar, Fran Griffin, Carol Haraden, and Tom Nolan reflect on what they have learned about bundles and make suggestions for further research and implementation of the bundle approach to improving care.


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