Patient Safety

Our goal: Work with countries, regions, organizations, and individuals to build safety into every system of care, ensuring that patients receive the safest, most reliable care across the continuum. More >>

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Practicing Respect and Preventing Harm
Emotional harm is increasingly understood as a patient safety issue with serious consequences. Listen to this WIHI audio program to learn how a health system is identifying emotional harm and employing strategies to address harm in its hospitals.

Improving Quality, Safety, and Outcomes in Anesthesia
This recent British Journal of Anaesthesia article co-authored by IHI faculty and IHI/Health Foundation Quality Improvement Fellowship alumna, Dr. Carol Peden, highlights current areas of concern and potential solutions for anesthesia-related safety.

A New Emergency Checklist for Office-Based Surgery
With outpatient surgery becoming increasingly common, clinicians and staff need to know about potential complications that arise during outpatient surgery and the lifesaving steps required. Listen to this recent WIHI program with the developers of a new emergency checklist for office-based surgery.

Closing the Loop: A Guide to Safer Ambulatory Referrals in the EHR Era
Referrals to specialists are on the rise, and despite the advent of electronic health records, the referral process is often hindered by ambiguity of roles, communication breakdowns, and process variations which can lead to missed or delayed diagnoses, delays in treatment, and other lapses in patient safety. A new IHI publication presents a nine-step, closed-loop process to standardize how primary care practitioners activate and monitor referrals to specialists.


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