Patient Safety at IHI National Forum

December 9-12, 2018
Orlando, FL

Patient Safety is a featured topic track at the 2018 IHI National Forum.

Patient Safety

​Our goal: Work with countries, regions, organizations, and individuals to build safety into every system of care, ensuring that patients receive the safest, most reliable care across the continuum. More >>

In the Spotlight

QI Campaign to Reduce SSIs for Hip and Knee Replacements
A new BMJ Quality & Safety article discusses IHI’s Project JOINTS initiative, a multistate QI campaign to promote evidence-based practices, which showed a larger reduction in surgical site infection (SSI) rates following hip and knee arthroplasty than matched control sites.

“Flipped” Discharge Can Reduce Adverse Events in Older Adults
The term “post-hospital syndrome” has been used to describe the set of issues that put recently hospitalized older adults at increased risk of experiencing an adverse event. “Flipped” discharge is an innovation that holds promise for reducing such risk for older patients.

Deprescribing: Is Less Medicine the Best Medicine?
An innovative program in Ottawa, Canada, demonstrates how to simplify deprescribing — helping providers stop the medications that may be unnecessary or even harmful to patients. Deprescribing decreases the likelihood of an adverse event, and reduces the financial burden of paying for a multitude of medications.

My Human Doctor
In a New York Times article, a physician reflects on her experience with medical error as a patient and as a provider, and how apology impacts the therapeutic relationship.    

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