Person- and Family-Centered Care

Our goal: Usher in a new era of partnerships between clinicians and individuals where the values, needs, and preferences of the individual are honored; the best evidence is applied; and the shared goal is optimal functional health and quality of life. More >>

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Trying to Define Quality? Listen to Your Patients
For Clement Asare, the most painful part of his experience as a patient wasn’t the medication errors or physical injuries he sustained in the hospital. It was the unpleasant way he was treated during his hospitalization. This IHI Blog posts recounts his story and highlights the importance of listening to patients to improve care.

A Mother’s Commitment to Honor Her Daughter’s End-of-Life Wishes
This candid blog post from The Conversation Project discusses the relentless efforts of a mother to honor her daughter's end-of-life wishes despite the challenges she faced from health care providers.

Health Care as a Team Sport: Making the Patient the Captain
A CardinalHealth article discusses the importance of making patients an integral part of the health care team. Article co-author Patricia McGaffigan describes IHI’s “Ask Me 3” approach to engage patients as active members of the care team and in decision making.

Medical Students Are Learning to Talk about End-of-Life Care
An increasing number of medical schools are prioritizing the need to equip students with the skills to have meaningful conversations with patients about what matters most to them at the end of their lives. These schools are incorporating end-of-life discussions and palliative care into their curricula.

Expanding the Serious Illness Care Team: The Conversation Nurse Model
This Health Affairs article highlights Care New England Health System's Conversation Nurse model. Inspired by IHI's quality improvement methodology, this model is designed to train nurses in conversational skills to facilitate discussions with seriously ill patients about their goals for care.   

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