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What Is Health Equity, and Why Does It Matter?
Health disparities expert David Williams defines health equity and the impact of health disparities on people of color.
Feb 27, 2018
What If You Take a Complex Clinical Challenge to the Community?
Solving the challenge of a high stillbirth rate in Scotland is not simply about getting obstetricians to improve. “It’s a multidisciplinary problem,” says Jason Leitch.
Dec 07, 2017
What Is Bias, and What Can Medical Professionals Do to Address It?
Anurag Gupta, founder and CEO of Be More America, offers training to health care providers on how to overcome implicit bias.
Jul 13, 2017
What Are the Harms of Not Addressing Bias in Health Care?
Implicit bias is an unconscious pattern of thought that disadvantages certain groups of people based on negative stereotypes. It can harm patients in the course of health care delivery, and it harms the health care industry.
Jul 13, 2017
How Does Implicit Bias Affect Health Care?
Implicit bias is an unconscious pattern of thought that can disadvantage people of color and people from other marginalized groups. How does it affect health care?
Jul 13, 2017
Why Work with Underserved Populations?
IHI Senior Technical Director Dr. Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey explains how quality improvement can bring significant change to health care in low-income communities.
May 26, 2017
Why Should Health Systems Address Social Needs?
Deputy Director of the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, Aswita Tan-McGrory discusses why health systems need to address social needs.
May 26, 2017
Why Does Health Equity Matter?
In this video, Dr. Reede explains how health equity relates to the role of health care providers, describes how privilege affects discussions of health equity, and offers advice to students and professionals who are interested in working to reduce disparities between populations.
May 26, 2017
Why Should Clinicians Focus on Population Health?
Holly Oh, a pediatrician at The Dimock Center in Boston, looks back on a memorable patient encounter from almost a decade ago.
May 26, 2017
How Can We Define “Quality” in Health Care?
In this video, IHI’s Former CEO Don Berwick describes a 2001 report by the Institute of Medicine, Crossing the Quality Chasm, that laid the foundation for health care reform in the United States and spread around the world.
May 26, 2017
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