Moving from Volume to Value is a featured topic track at the 2​​019 IHI National Forum.​

Quality, Cost, and Value

​Our goal: Encourage, empower, and enable health care delivery systems to provide truly value-based care that ensures the best health care. We strive to call out and address disparities in health and health care wherever they exist. More >>

In the Spotlight

Delirium Prevention and Treatment: Improve Care and Avoid Unnecessary Costs
Preventing delirium can spare patients from a potentially horrible experience while also avoiding unnecessary costs. An IHI Blog post presents a case study of the work at one hospital to improve identification, prevention, and treatment of delirium.

Churches Wipe Out Millions in Medical Debt for Others
This Kaiser Health News article describes how a church in Kansas raised $22,000 that eliminated $2.2 million in medical debt for 1,600 residents in the state. Medical debt contributes to two-thirds of bankruptcies in the US.

Calculating the Cost of Waste: Tool Helps States Measure Low-Value Care
This Modern Healthcare article describes a tool that tracks 47 different tests and procedures that reflect 85 Choosing Wisely measures, and uses claims data to pinpoint care that is potentially wasteful.

Addressing Inappropriate Care: Employers Innovating to Reduce Waste
Health care spending in the United States is almost 2.5 times higher per capita than in comparable countries, without yielding better health outcomes. This Health Affairs Blog post explores how various employer-led organizations and heath care purchasers have assessed the extent of wasteful or inappropriate care among their own populations.

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