Moving from Volume to Value is a featured topic track at the 2​​019 IHI National Forum.​

Quality, Cost, and Value

​Our goal: Encourage, empower, and enable health care delivery systems to provide truly value-based care that ensures the best health care. We strive to call out and address disparities in health and health care wherever they exist. More >>

In the Spotlight

Health Care Executives Look to Bring the Joy Back to Medicine
This Modern Healthcare article share new strategies to reinvigorate the workforce and increase joy such as emphasizing emotional intelligence above academic acheivement in the recruitment process and taking a team-based approach to care delivery. You might also be interested IHI's new Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network.

Reduce Waste and Return the Cost Savings
The new Call to Action: Reduce Waste in the US Health Care System and Return the Cost Savings to Patients and the Economy, informed by the collective experience and wisdom of IHI Leadership Alliance members, lays out a logical model for proactively identifying and eliminating waste.

Survey: To Improve Chronic Disease Care, Change the Payment Model
Many health care organizations are reasonably effective in treating chronic diseases, but they are limited from doing better by fee-for-service payment. An analysis of NEJM Catalyst Insights Council Survey on Chronic Care Models shows the intent of health care providers to be proactive in treating chronic disease, but also reveals limitations in their ability to address population health.

Bundled Payments Are Moving Upstream
By creating a bundled payment model focused on the condition or person level of care, one medical school is improving care outcomes while controlling the cost of care for degenerative musculoskeletal disease, including improved patient functional status and decreased utilization of elective surgical procedures.

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