Moving from Volume to Value is a featured topic track at the 2​​019 IHI National Forum.​

Quality, Cost, and Value

​Our goal: Encourage, empower, and enable health care delivery systems to provide truly value-based care that ensures the best health care. We strive to call out and address disparities in health and health care wherever they exist. More >>

In the Spotlight

Is Transparency the Answer to Rising Health Care Costs?
In a 2018 survey of NEJM Catalyst Insights Council members, 71 percent say that the top change needed to support patients/consumers in lowering total health costs is to provide more transparency about the true costs and quality of services.

Survey: Patients Lack Information to Reduce the Cost of Care
A survey of NEJM Catalyst Insights Council members indicates that responsibility for lowering the cost of care is shared relatively equally among multiple stakeholders. This suggests that health care is a collaborative enterprise, with no single participant or entity substantially more responsible for lowering costs than the other.

Docs Taking on Full Risk in Value-Based Care Models Still Years Away
This Modern Healthcare article presents findings from a new survey: nearly 40 percent of 185 health care executives surveyed said that a market in which the majority of value-based relationships include both upside and downside shared risk is three to five years off. These new payment programs seem perpetually stuck in a state of delay, researchers said.

Bundled Payments Are Moving Upstream
By creating a Musculoskeletal Institute and a bundled payment model that focuses on the condition or person level of care, rather than the procedure level, leaders at Dell Medical School at The University of Texas, Austin, are finding early success in improving care outcomes while controlling the cost of care for degenerative musculoskeletal disease.    


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