Quality, Cost, and ValueDriving affordability and sustainability through quality improvement

IHI is working with leading health care systems to move from “volume to value” to ensure that cost reduction or optimization is driven by improvements in clinical and operational quality. We are in the process of identifying proven and evidence-based strategies that demonstrate efficiency through the removal of waste, harm, and variation.

The continued uncertainty of the economic climate, changing demographics, and other pressures facing health care delivery systems combine to make this a major issue. Organizations need to move from multiple, disjointed initiatives focused on marginal cost reductions towards integrated strategies that improve outcomes by securing value from every dollar spent. IHI is responding to that requirement, looking into new tools and methods that can help clinicians and patients build equitable and sustainable solutions. IHI is developing innovative approaches to help organizations transition from high-volume care to high-value care and shift the balance of care from the hospital to the community.

IHI’s focus on quality, cost, and value includes:

  • Creating or designing and applying a diagnostic assessment methodology that will help organizations understand their most productive opportunities, plan for higher value, and drive cost optimization through quality improvement with measures and metrics;
  • Identifying diverse health care systems aiming to remove waste, harm, and variation, and working with them to prioritize the most impactful interventions and methods with a view to scaling up and spreading those approaches; and
  • Designing, testing, and spreading methods to improve quality and reduce costs for people with chronic conditions, including risk prediction, preventive care, and reducing readmissions.