Patient SafetyMaking care continually safer by reducing harm and preventable mortality

IHI focuses on innovations that create a system of safety across entire organizations. We work with partners to understand safety at a system level, to segment their populations, to identify and predict risk, and to act accordingly. We help organizations move from silos of safety to systems of safety by enhancing reliability and resilience. We are developing new measures to move organizations toward harm-free care and working with leaders on early warning signs for safety and on transparency. We are also innovating in areas of patient safety that have seen the least attention such as diagnostic error, primary care, and behavioral and mental health.

IHI’s focus on patient safety includes:

  • Whole system safety (community, primary care, hospitals) and the integration of safe care between levels of the system – starting with care of the elderly across the continuum;
  • Developing new methods for leadership to predict and anticipate safety issues; and
  • Developing new measures of harm and means to address them