Person- and Family-Centered Care

Our goal: Usher in a new era of partnerships between clinicians and individuals where the values, needs, and preferences of the individual are honored; the best evidence is applied; and the shared goal is optimal functional health and quality of life. More >>

In the Spotlight

Once a Patient, Now an Improver
During the three years before his kidney transplant, Ravi Patel was an observant and engaged patient. His experience as a patient drove him to want to improve health care quality and safety, so he’s using that experience to contribute to his university’s IHI Open School Chapter.

Improving the Patient Experience Through the Health Care Physical Environment
This guide from the American Hospital Association describes a method and case studies demonstrating how changes to the hospital physical environment can positively impact patient and family experience of care. The authors describe their approach as a “people, process, place” model to test changes that create a more person-centered environment.

Talking to Patients after Adverse Events
In the first video in a four-part series, Helen Haskell discusses the importance of providers talking openly with patients and care partners in the aftermath of an adverse event. The patient-provider relationship is a mutual endeavor, she says, and this type of open communication is crucial to effective partnership and co-production of health.

Are You Settling for Satisfaction with Your Patients?
Health system initiatives aimed at improving patient engagement often use patient satisfaction measures to determine if changes are resulting in improvement. Relying too heavily on measuring satisfaction when engagement is the true aim has some potential pitfalls. This blog post provides some simple guidance for measuring patient experience and avoiding these common pitfalls.

Upcoming Educational Programs

Always Events: Co-Designing What Matters
Begins June 7, 2016 | IHI Virtual Expedition

Transforming the Primary Care Practice
June 13-15, 2016 | San Diego, CA

28th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care
December 4-7, 2016 | Orlando, FL

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