Person- and Family-Centered Care

Our goal: Usher in a new era of partnerships between clinicians and individuals where the values, needs, and preferences of the individual are honored; the best evidence is applied; and the shared goal is optimal functional health and quality of life. More >>

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Confessions of a “Non-Compliant” Patient
In this thoughtful blog, Alli Luke, an IHI Executive Assistant, reflects on some experiences that have weakened her relationship with care providers. She asks why we don’t start by first understanding a bit about the person we’re interacting with and then move together toward a meaningful partnership to achieve shared goals.

The Importance of the Bedside Manner
In this Kaiser Health News Q&A with Dr. Abraham Verghese, he reflects on the charm and magic of being at the patient bedside, and how his experiences as a storyteller, educator, and doctor have shaped his vision for a more person-centered health care system. Dr. Verghese is a keynote presenter at the upcoming IHI National Forum.

Collaboration and Patient Engagement Could Reduce Diagnostic Errors
In this FierceHealthcare article, two researchers from Baylor College of Medicine identify five opportunities for improvement based on their research of diagnostic errors. One opportunity is creating “patient-focused strategies,” which emphasizes the importance of keeping patients at the center of care and building strategies that work with their individual needs and preferences.

How Does OpenNotes Impact the Patient-Provider Relationship?
OpenNotes, an initiative to give patients online access to medical visit notes, were created six years ago to bridge the gap of patient and provider communication. This NEJM Catalyst article shares some promising results, including that “even after reading only one note, 99% of patients felt better or the same about their doctor, with particular benefits for underserved populations.” The authors believe that OpenNotes holds great promise for a wide impact to promote a culture of health.


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