Person-Centered Care at IHI National Forum

December 10-13, 2017
Orlando, FL

Person-Centered Care is a featured topic at the 2017 National Forum, with topic-related sessions offered in a special track.

Person- and Family-Centered Care

Our goal: Usher in a new era of partnerships between clinicians and individuals where the values, needs, and preferences of the individual are honored; the best evidence is applied; and the shared goal is optimal functional health and quality of life. More >>

In the Spotlight

The “Insider’s” Dilemma: Am I a Clinician or a Family Member First?
Julie Colantuoni, a nurse practitioner, shares the story of her grandfather and how she helped her family have meaningful conversations about his wishes for how he wanted to live at the end of his life.

Teachable Spirit
Libby Hoy, Founder and CEO of PFCC Partners, reflects on the evolution of patient- (person-) and family-centered care and the ongoing collaborations that are fueling positive culture change. She emphasizes that we all need to embody a teachable spirit and open mind to promote true partnership.

Telling Life Stories May Help Improve Care for Cancer Patients
One health care organization is piloting a program to collect and transcribe patient stories, which then become part of the patient’s medical record. Care team members find that the rich stories help them better understand patients and the act of sharing a story helps patients define themselves in their own terms. While small in scale, the program shows progress at moving toward a more person-centered culture.

A Simple Way to Improve Patient Care: “Hello, my name is…”
Dr. Kate Granger and her husband Chris Pointon co-founded the #hellomynameis campaign to encourage care team members and staff to introduce themselves to patients and families at the start of every interaction. The campaign has spread worldwide and is continuing to gain momentum and build energy for creating a more person-centered health care culture.


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