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Our goal: Build practical improvement capability based on the science of improvement into every organization, health care executive, and professional, while driving innovation to dramatically improve performance at all levels of the health care system. More >>

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Quality Improvement Project Management Tool
To successfully manage improvement, team leaders need specialized skills in QI project management, which has not typically been part of the improvement curriculum. Download the IHI tool that describes specific strategies and ideas to effectively manage QI projects and offers a workspace to note your next steps.

Making Process Improvements Stick
This Harvard Business Review article discusses research that examined more than 200 Lean projects to understand why some improvements are sustained and others are not. You may also be interested in the Sustaining Improvement IHI White Paper.

5 Innovation Challenges and Tips for Overcoming Them
When building an innovation system, what are some challenges to anticipate? Then, once encountered, what should an improver do to address those challenges? An IHI Blog post answers these questions and provides tips for successful innovation.

Why Teaching QI to Trainees Can Help Your Health System
How might health systems invest in improvement? One way is the teach medical residents in QI methods. “Residents are in a perfect position to evaluate the systems we’re using,” notes Dr. Kristin Cox. In a blog post, she describes how her hospital uses IHI Open School online courses to provide quality improvement and safety training for residents.

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