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​​​​​​​​Our goal: Build practical improvement capability based on the science of improvement into every organization, health care executive, and professional, while driving innovation to dramatically improve performance at all levels of the health care system. More >>

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How Improvement Science Can Meet the Moment (or Miss the Mark)
Improvement science can fuel solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in health care, argues IHI President and CEO Dr. Kedar Mate. However, we must be willing to question our assumptions. He says, “Without consciously designing for equity, we run the risk of reinforcing inequitable systems.”

The Multiplying Effect of Improvement Science
"Sometimes, the experience of learning how to make change empowers [people] to become advocates as well as improvers," writes IHI Director Jafet Arrieta. She believes in the potential for using improvement methods to not only transform health systems, but entire societies — because she has seen firsthand the multiplying and catalyzing effect of improvement science.

How to Move Beyond Quality Improvement Projects
This article describes the importance of using quality improvement alongside quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control to create a single, consistent quality management system.

Learning Systems: Managing Uncertainty in the New Normal of COVID-19
This article describes how health care leaders in London employed a “learning system” model to quickly create and refine a care delivery system for COVID-19 patients in the ICU of a temporary hospital set up in a convention center.

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