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​​Our goal: Build practical improvement capability based on the science of improvement into every organization, health care executive, and professional, while driving innovation to dramatically improve performance at all levels of the health care system. More >>

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Building the Will and Skill to Be a Clinical Improver
Whether the issue is curbing overdiagnosis and overtreatment; reducing waste, costs, and patient suffering; or factoring in “what matters” to a patient when considering treatment options, clinician improvers can lead the way. Listen to this WIHI podcast to learn more.

Avoid the QI Checklist Trap
This IHI blog post reminds us that checklists are an important tool for standardization, but they must be tested and implemented correctly to be effective. When an IHI team and their partners implemented a checklist, tuberculosis (TB) screening increased, yet identification of patients with TB didn’t budge — until they recognized the trap and made key changes.

QI Tools: Aim Statement Worksheet
An aim statement is fundamental to all improvement work. Use this worksheet to help you write an effective aim statement — which delineates clear, specific plans for the improvement work ahead — and complete the checklist to double-check your work.

IHI "Seven Spreadly Sins"
Improvement teams often make some common missteps when it comes to successfully sharing and spreading improvement ideas in their organizations. IHI's "Seven Spreadly Sins" infographic gives improvement teams practical tips for overcoming challenges that impede successful spread.

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