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Our goal: Build practical improvement capability based on the science of improvement into every organization, health care executive, and professional, while driving innovation to dramatically improve performance at all levels of the health care system. More >>

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Use Learning Boards to Promote Transparency
Learning boards can help promote operational transparency by offering everyone in an organization a way to observe the learning process in action. By visually displaying key processes, measures, and improvement tests, learning boards are an integral part of daily work.

QI Tools: Using a Priority Matrix to Evaluate Choices
Dr. Don Goldmann, IHI Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, delves into the usefulness of the priority matrix in making choices as part of an improvement project. In this short video clip, he uses his garden to illustrate the tool’s practicality.

Leading Change? Seven Principles to Guide Your Work
How can leaders navigate during times of change? Our authors reveal seven engagement principles that are key when organizing people to face uncertainty, both in and outside of health care.

Empowering Staff to Face Hard Truths and Lead Change
Ever wondered what an Improvement Advisor does? An Improvement Advisor with the East London NHS Foundation Trust shares some stories of change and team support from the ground level. Learn how this organization empowered staff by giving them the right improvement tools, leading to big improvements that transformed their system.


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