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​​Our goal: Build practical improvement capability based on the science of improvement into every organization, health care executive, and professional, while driving innovation to dramatically improve performance at all levels of the health care system. More >>

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Tired of Firefighting? Adopt a Quality Strategy
When teams engage in quality planning, they spend less time dealing with problems as they arise and more time planning strategically to avoid them.

How Do You Use a Driver Diagram?
A driver diagram is a “simple, visual, somewhat intuitive display to help you understand where you’re going with your work,” explains IHI's Dr. Don Goldmann. This IHI Open School short video explains the purpose and value of a driver diagram — a tool that can help you with anything from losing weight to protecting your patients from infection.

Why Florence Nightingale’s Improvement Lessons Still Matter Today
Well-known for transforming nursing from a service to a profession, few people also recognize Florence Nightingale as one of the first safety and quality leaders in health care. IHI's Patricia McGaffigan outlines the number of ways that Nightingale moved quality and safety forward.

Building the Will and Skill to Be a Clinical Improver
Whether the issue is curbing overdiagnosis and overtreatment; reducing waste, costs, and patient suffering; or factoring in “what matters” to a patient when considering treatment options, clinician improvers can lead the way. Listen to this WIHI podcast to learn more.

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