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4 Mistakes of Cost Reduction in Health Care
This evergreen IHI Blog post shares the results of a study of hospitals and physician organizations trying to lower total costs while maintaining quality and safe care. Four common mistakes that health care leaders make when under pressure to reduce costs are discussed.

Focus Time and Energy on What Matters Most with Pareto Charts
IHI Improvement Advisor Patty Webster demonstrates the versatility of the Pareto chart in identifying the "vital few" from the "useful many" when whittling down issues to those that are most important. Learn how to use the Pareto chart to focus planning, motivate your team, and make an impact.

QI Initiative Increases the Frequency of Vaginal Delivery
This article describes an IHI-led Breakthrough Series Collaborative that engaged hospitals in Brazil in four key interventions implemented with QI methods which were associated with increased vaginal delivery, suggesting that this approach may help address the global C-section delivery epidemic.

Taking Action Against Burnout: A Systems Approach to Professional Well-Being
A National Academy of Medicine report compiles what’s known about the causes and extent of burnout among clinicians especially. The message of the report is clear: an epidemic that’s approaching nearly one out of every two physicians deserves an "all-hands-on-deck" response and serious exploration and piloting of possible remedies.

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