Virtual Training

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IHI offers training without the need for travel. Check out these options:

  • IHI Virtual Expeditions – Action-focused online training programs for teams. ​
    [P]: Free with Passport to IHI Training >>​
  • Online Modules with Live Calls – Watch modules on your own time and join live calls (or listen to a recording on your own time)
  • Online Courses – complete the training in your own time.

Upcoming Virtual Training

Advancing Safe Care in the Home Setting
June 14, 2018 | Complimentary Webcast​

Leading Quality Improvement: Essentials for Managers
Begins June 19, 2018 | Online Course with Live Calls [P]

Project Management Strategies for Running Successful Improvement Projects
Begins June 27, 2018 | IHI Virtual Expedition [P]

Behavioral Health Integration: Beyond the Basics
Begins July 26, 2018 | IHI Virtual Expedition [P]

The Psychology of Change: Tools & Framework
Begins August 15, 2018 | IHI Virtual Expedition [P]

Finding and Creating Joy in Work​
Begins September 11, 2018 | Online Course with Live Calls

Leadership and Organizing for a Change
Begins September 20, 2018 | Online Course ​with Live Calls 

Currently Underway