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We have experienced a wonderful increase in interest and use of our Open School courses, with nearly 5,300 unique users completing a course in just one day in January 2021. With so many people on the platform, we have noticed a decrease in speed of the site resulting from this increased traffic and plan to have improvements made by early March.

If you are experiencing other issues, please review our Open School Knowledge Base with answers to frequently asked questions.​

Thank you for your understanding and interest in IHI.

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Your question is important to us. We have recently launched a new education platform so are experiencing high volumes of inquiries. Our goal is to respond to inquiries within five business days. The more specific you are about your question or request, the better IHI Customer Service is able to respond to or direct your question to the appropriate person. Some responses, however, may take longer than five business days, depending on the nature of the question and the availability of IHI team members or content experts to respond.