Population Health at IHI National Forum

December 9-12, 2018
Orlando, FL

Population Health is a featured topic track at the 2018 IHI National Forum.

Triple Aim for Populations

Our goal: Drive the Triple Aim, simultaneously improving the health of the population, enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient, and reducing per capita cost of care for the benefit of communities. More >>
The Triple Aim framework serves as the foundation for organizations and communities to successfully navigate the transition from a focus on health care to optimizing health for individuals and populations.

In the Spotlight

North Carolina’s Innovative Medicaid Demonstration to Improve Health Outcomes
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved North Carolina’s Medicaid reform demonstration to test a managed care delivery system in an effort to increase the quality and reduce the cost of health care. This Health Affairs article outlines the plan to pilot enhanced case management (ECM) services to address issues like housing instability, transportation insecurity, food security, interpersonal violence, and toxic stress.

Association Between Community Wealth and Health Outcomes
Authors of an American Journal of Preventive Medicine article find that community wealth does correlate to community health, but not always. Communities that invest a higher percentage of funding in social services see a positive impact on the overall health of their population.

Planning for End of Life
A Public Health Post piece provides a quick overview of a recent survey that shows how both age and education level play into whether or not a person has a written document stating end-of-life wishes. See The Conversation Project for free resources to support end-of-life discussions and planning.

Invest Community Benefit Resources into Sustainable, Healthy Food
Optimal population health and access to healthy food are inextricably linked. Learn how health systems and communities are using the Pathways to Population Health Framework to improve both.

2018 Culture of Health Prize Winners
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently announced the four US communities that won the 2018 Culture of Health Prize for their work to improve the health of their populations. To learn more about what each community did to improve health, read the detailed stories.


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