Population Health at IHI National Forum

December 10-13, 2017
Orlando, FL

Population Health is a featured topic at the 2017 National Forum, with topic-related sessions offered in a special track.

Triple Aim for Populations

Our goal: Drive the Triple Aim, simultaneously improving the health of the population, enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient, and reducing per capita cost of care for the benefit of communities. More >>
The Triple Aim framework serves as the foundation for organizations and communities to successfully navigate the transition from a focus on health care to optimizing health for individuals and populations.

In the Spotlight

How to Fail Forward (Quickly) on the Road to Population Health
Learning from failure is an important part of the quality improvement process. Listen to this WIHI audio broadcast to hear from two communities that are, for the first time, employing improvement methods to deepen their work on a range of community health issues — and the valuable learning they’re gaining from both successes and failures.

Why Does Health Equity Matter
This video explains how health equity relates to the role of health care providers, describes how privilege affects discussions of health equity, and offers advice to students and professionals who are interested in working to reduce disparities between populations.

Impacting the Triple Aim by Incorporating Patients’ Knowledge and Experience
In this IHI Blog post, Dr. Warren Wong discusses how people's firsthand experience with medical, mental health, or social issues that impact health and care make them the real experts. Their knowledge and experience is essential for health leaders to acknowledge and incorporate into improvements that can impact the Triple Aim. To learn more about honoring the lived experience of patients and community members, visit the 100 Million Healthier Lives website.

Why Should Health Systems Address Social Needs?
This short IHI Open School video tells a powerful story of the impact of home environments on health, describing “the limits of medicine” and challenging health systems to look outside their walls to improve health outcomes for their patients.
How Are Communities Successfully Driving Better Health and Wellbeing?
This blog features the story of Proviso Partners for Health (PP4H) in Illinois that is calling on hundreds of youth and community members to become active agents of community transformation. The PP4H team helped the community form three social enterprise businesses and combined leadership development with healthy eating and job creation.


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