Triple Aim for Populations

Our goal: Drive the Triple Aim, simultaneously improving the health of the population, enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient, and reducing per capita cost of care for the benefit of communities. More >>
The Triple Aim framework serves as the foundation for organizations and communities to successfully navigate the transition from a focus on health care to optimizing health for individuals and populations.

In the Spotlight

Why Population Health and Palliative Care Need Each Other
This JAMA article argues that the shift in payment from fee-for-service to incentives for improving the health of populations requires the expertise of both palliative care and population health in creating a competent, coordinated, and compassionate care system for those with complex needs at the end of their lives. Read the recent “Improving the Health of Populations” article for more background from IHI.

Decriminalizing Mental Illness: The Miami Model
This New England Journal of Medicine article highlights the 15-year effort by Florida’s Miami-Dade County to develop a comprehensive, coordinated response by correctional institutions, local courts, and police officers to encounters with people with untreated or undertreated serious mental illnesses, often coupled with substance-use disorders. Among large US communities, the county has the highest percentage of residents with serious mental illnesses. Read the IHI blog post about the international network of mental health quality improvers

Population Health Case Reports: From Clinic to Community
A recent JAMA article discusses the National Academy of Medicine’s Population Health Case Reports Perspective Series, describing cross-sector efforts to improve health. Key themes include the importance of cross-sector partnerships in responding to the broader context that influences a patient’s health status, and the role of medical and public health leaders in working together to overcome challenges. The upcoming IHI Virtual Expedition: Beyond the CHNA: Building Shared Ownership for Health in Communities offers guidance on community-based efforts to improve population health.

Life Expectancy: Income and Where You Live Matter
This recent study in JAMA shows that differences in life expectancy in the US are associated not only with income, but also with health behaviors and local area characteristics. Visit the 100 Million Healthier Lives website to connect your community with efforts in the US and internationally to create healthier communities.

What Is Health Equity, and Why Does It Matter?
In this video, David R. Williams, Professor of Public Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, shares his insights into health equity in an interview with Don Berwick, MD, IHI President Emeritus and Senior Fellow. Dr. Williams discusses the research he’s conducted over several decades about health equity and why it’s important to health systems and communities as they work to improve health care and health.

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