Population Health at IHI National Forum

December 9-12, 2018
Orlando, FL

Population Health is a featured topic track at the 2018 IHI National Forum.

Triple Aim for Populations

Our goal: Drive the Triple Aim, simultaneously improving the health of the population, enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient, and reducing per capita cost of care for the benefit of communities. More >>
The Triple Aim framework serves as the foundation for organizations and communities to successfully navigate the transition from a focus on health care to optimizing health for individuals and populations.

In the Spotlight

Communities Driving Health Equity
This National Academy of Medicine spotlight video series highlights three diverse communities in the US that are advancing health equity by addressing environmental, social, economic, and structural challenges that may impact a resident’s health.

Power: The Most Fundamental Cause of Health Inequity?
Authors of this Health Affairs Blog post posit that addressing social determinants of health alone will not support our nation’s efforts to reach its health potential. We must also address power because power imbalances have allowed for persistent and avoidable inequities. They call for collaboration between social sciences and public health, and declare a sense of urgency to address this issue.

Primary Care Transformation across the Largest US Safety-Net Health System
In this recent Health Affairs Blog post, NYC Health + Hospitals shares the challenges and lessons learned from transforming primary care in their public health care system.

Work as an Inclusive Part of Population Health Inequities Research and Prevention
The authors of this American Journal of Public Health article outline the challenges and opportunities for incorporating work in the study of health inequities (including the overlap with socioeconomic position, race, ethnicity, and gender).

Health and Health Care for Blacks in the United States
This Kaiser Family Foundation infographic and accompanying slides provide an overview of health and care in the US, revealing inequities in outcomes related to health care, access, coverage, and outcomes for black Americans compared to white Americans. You may also be interested in the IHI White Paper, Achieving Health Equity: A Guide for Health Care Organizations.

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