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The IHI Leadership Alliance is a dynamic collaboration of health care executives who share a goal to work with one another as well as in partnership with our patients, workforces, and communities to deliver on the full promise of the IHI Triple Aim.

Alliance Members share generously with one another, confident that by collaborating and learning together, we can individually and collectively get better, faster.

In the early weeks of the US Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, IHI Leadership Alliance teams used this network to connect and share operational and clinical insights — exchanging support, emerging needs, and tactical solutions. This year, we're more committed than ever to re-building health care from the inside out.

**New Resource** Read a piece by Dr. Don Berwick, IHI President Emieritus and Senior Advisor to the IHI Leadership Leadership Allinance, on choice for the "New Normal" when adjusting to a world during and after COVID-19. Read the JAMA article here.

The Leadership Alliance Achieving Health Equity Workgroup was featured on our July 18 WIHI: Aim High for Equity in the Health Care Workforce. ​

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recent Leadership alliance features


Alliance Members Endorse Congressional Action to Safeguard Telehealth Services

On July 16, 2020, IHI Leadership Alliance member organizations endorsed a letter requesting Congressional action to safeguard the sustainability of telehealth care services through continued regulatory adjustments, the establishment of quality metrics to ensure high-quality telehealth delivery, and payment changes.

IHI Leadership Alliance Letter for Congressional Action to Safeguard Telehealth

COVID Had Made the Office Visit a Dinosaur

Written by Alliance leaders Drs. Doug Eby and Ed McGookin and IHI executive director Jill Duncan, RN, MPH - a piece examining the fate of visit-based medicine and the innovations to the system brought on by COVID-19.

PPE's for Health Care Workers: Act Now to Protect Those Caring for Us All

COVID Pandemic: Conserving Personal Protective Equipment

Call for Collaboration from Health Care Leaders to the EHR Vendor Community to Fight COVID-19

If you are interested in endorsing this call for collaboration, please do so here.

Preparing for a Surge of Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19: Virtual Learning Special Series

Featuring Alliance member Dr. Mark Jarrett of Northwell Health 

A Living Wage for Healthcare Workers is Essential to Achieve Health Equity

A Modern Healthcare piece by Alliance member Dr. Steppe Mette and Alliance advisor Dr. Saranya Loehrer

Health Systems Try to Trim Waste to Reduce Health Care Spending

A Modern Healthcare piece featuring Alliance executive director Jill Duncan, RN, and Alliance workgroup co-chair Helen Macfie, PharmD, as well as several other Alliance members.

How Three Health Systems are Tackling Waste

A Modern Healthcare piece highlighting stories from Alliance member organizations Bellin Health, Northwell Health, and Providence.

COVID-19: Early Learning from One of the Epicenters

An IHI blog post written in response to special March Leadership Alliance webinar where several members shared how they are preparing to fight the pandemic and all of the associated challenges.