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Patients, families, providers, and communities are looking for bold and visionary health care leaders — leaders who believe that now, perhaps more than ever before, we must change the dialogue about health care from one that focuses on reimbursement and regulation to one that makes the pursuit of health and healing paramount. Leaders who have the courage to move beyond traditional health care rules that hold us back.

The IHI Leadership Alliance is a dynamic collaboration of health care executives who share a goal to work with one another as well as in partnership with our patients, workforces, and communities to deliver on the full promise of the IHI Triple Aim. We are a learning community characterized by generosity, curiosity, and courage. Our mission is to champion the Radical Redesign of health care, based on a set of guiding principles crafted by the Alliance. Principles such as moving knowledge, not people; assuming abundance; creating joy in work; and returning the money. These principles inform and inspire our collective efforts.

The Leadership Alliance Achieving Health Equity Workgroup will was featured on our July 18 WIHI: Aim High for Equity in the Health Care Workforce. ​

Together we are...

  • United for Change: We are a rising, collective voice offering insights, expertise, and enthusiasm to national dialogues around health and health care.
  • Driven by Collaboration: We believe that breakthrough system performance and health outcomes are possible when we share promising practices and fuel new innovations in partnership with civic, health, and social service organizations.
  • Grounded in the Triple Aim: Examples of health care systems delivering flawlessly on the Triple Aim serve as our beacons of learning for wider adoption and improvements.
  • Focused on Results and Action: From incubating new ideas, to implementing new approaches, to inspiring new policies, we are moving from talking to doing, from aspiring to achieving.

IHI, with its rich history of improving health and health care for more than 25 years, is uniquely positioned to convene forward-thinking health care organization leaders in this bold, collaborative learning environment. We will partner and align to address the most pressing challenges facing health care organizations and use our collective intellect to innovate new models to achieve the Triple Aim. Ultimately, our goal is to effect positive, enduring change — and we are committed to providing the support leaders and their organizations need to achieve demonstrable and unprecedented results.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Year 6 of the IHI Leadership Alliance is October 2019 through September 2020. Learn more about this transformational community in the IHI Leadership ​Alliance Year 6 Prospectus.

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