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Telemedicine: Ensuring Safe, Equitable, Person-Centered Virtual Care
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This white paper describes a framework to guide health care organizations in their efforts to provide safe, equitable, person-centered telemedicine. The framework includes six elements to consider: access, privacy, diagnostic accuracy, communication, psychological and emotional safety, and human factors and system design.
Telemedicine: Center Quality and Safety
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This article offers four elements on which health care leaders must focus to ensure safe, high-quality telemedicine for patients.
Enhancing Collaborative Learning for Quality Improvement: Evidence from the Improving Clinical Flow Project, a Breakthrough Series Collaborative with Project ECHO
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A novel combination of IHI Breakthrough Series Collaborative tools with Project ECHO's telementoring model contributed to building quality improvement (QI) capacity and improving processes and patient experience across FQHCs participating in the Improving Clinical Flow project.
Virtual Learning Hour Special Series: Telemedicine: COVID-19 and Beyond
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May 1, 2020 | With the expanded use of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic to remotely diagnose and monitor patients with virus symptoms and those with more typical health issues, what does this mean for the future of telemedicine?

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