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Effective Strategies for Hospitals Responding to the Opioid Crisis
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This document provides hospital and health system administrators and leaders with specific improvement ideas for five system-level strategies that address the challenges of preventing, identifying, and treating opioid use disorder.
Addressing the Opioid Crisis in the United States
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This IHI Innovation Report discusses key reasons why current efforts to reduce prescription opioid use and misuse in the US have thus far been largely ineffective in stemming the crisis; highlights gaps in current efforts that underscore the need for a coordinated and collaborative community-wide approach; identifies four primary drivers to reduce opioid use; and proposes a high-level construct for a system approach at the community level to address the US opioid crisis.
Annotated Bibliography for Preventing Harm from High-Alert Medications
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This annotated bibliography presents selected literature for preventing harm from high-alert medications.
Best-practice protocols: Reducing harm from high-alert medications
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This second article in a series describes reducing harm to patients from high-alert medications by reviewing a case study on the importance of postoperative monitoring of opioid-naive patients who are receiving narcotics.
Preventing harm from high-alert medication
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The author describes the Institute for Healthcare Improvement 5 Million Lives Campaign intervention to prevent patient harm from high-alert medications, starting with a focus on anticoagulants, sedatives, narcotics, and insulin.
Protecting patients from harm: Reduce the risks of high-alert drugs
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Learn how adapting processes for prescribing, preparing, and administering can help reduce errors associated with certain high-alert medications.

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