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Sustainability Planning Worksheet
Current average rating is 4 stars.
Teams may use this worksheet to help plan for the long-term sustainability of an improvement effort.
IHI "Seven Spreadly Sins"
Current average rating is 5 stars.
Improvement teams often make some common missteps when it comes to successfully sharing and spreading improvement ideas in their organizations. IHI's "Seven Spreadly Sins" infographic give teams practical tips for overcoming challenges that impede successful spread.
Resources for Public Health Quality Improvement
Current average rating is 0 stars.
A collection of resources to help public health leaders and practitioners apply quality improvement to programs and processes, with the ultimate goal of saving lives, cutting costs, and getting better results.
How-to Guide: Running a Successful Campaign in Your Hospital
Current average rating is 3 stars.
This How-to Guide describes the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, based on the IHI Campaign’s experience and observation of successful practices in the field, and also offers instruction on the quality improvement methods for effectively introducing each of the six Campaign interventions.
How-to Guide: Sustainability and Spread
Current average rating is 2 stars.
This guide identifies well-tested approaches for the sustainability and spread of the IHI 5 Million Lives Campaign interventions.
Spread Planner
Current average rating is 5 stars.
The Spread Planner is a set of questions designed to assist organizations in identifying the key actions they can take to turn a local success into a system-wide improvement.
Collaboratives and Spreading Improvement: An Annotated Bibliography
Current average rating is 0 stars.
This annotated bibliography provides a rich listing of books and articles that discuss the topic of collaborative improvement and spreading ideas.
New Idea Scorecard
Current average rating is 5 stars.
The scorecard helps organizations and spread teams assess the ease (or difficulty) of spreading a new idea or innovation. This tool uses Everett Rogers’ attributes of a change that affect the rate of adoption as a reference.
Adoption of New Ideas Exercise
Current average rating is 3 stars.
This exercise is designed to actively engage a group of people in responding to a new idea and assess their likelihood to adopt it.
Transforming Care at the Bedside How-to Guide: Spreading Innovations to Improve Care on Medical and Surgical Units
Current average rating is 0 stars.
By describing the experience of hospitals within a larger conceptual framework for spread, this guide captures lessons learned to date about effective strategies for spreading Transforming Care at the Bedside practices, which may allow other organizations to spread effective and proven practices more easily.
Change Achievement Success Indicator (CASI)
Current average rating is 4 stars.
This assessment method checklist helps to assess to what extent an organization has taken the necessary actions to carry out a change successfully.

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