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Organizational Trustworthiness in Health Care
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The Institute for Healthcare Improvement partnered with the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation to identify key organizational-level drivers and change ideas that repair, build, and strengthen trust between health care organizations and clinicians, and between health care organizations and the communities they serve. This report describes a theory of how to repair, build, and strengthen trust, presented as a three-step approach with specific change ideas and associated measures for improvement.
Preventing Health Care Workforce Suicide
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Based on available literature and consensus among leading suicide prevention experts, this article highlights three key areas of mental health that all health care leaders need to prioritize: reduce stigma, increase access to mental health services, and address job-related challenges.
Prioritizing People and Rapid Learning in Times of Crisis: A Virtual Learning Initiative to Support Health Workers During the COVID‐19 Pandemic
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This article reports on an initiative set up within Africa's Western Cape provincial Department of Health early in the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate collective learning and support for health workers and managers across the health system. Strategies and three transformational actions that protect staff are shared.
A Guide to Promoting Health Care Workforce Well-Being During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
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This guide provides ideas and lessons learned to improve the well-being of the health care workforce and includes actions that individuals, leaders, and organizations can take to combat health care workforce burnout, fatigue, and emotional distress during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
Workforce Safety Key to Patient Safety
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Health care leaders increasingly recognize that patient safety is not possible without a workforce that is physically and psychologically safe, joyful, and thriving. This article describes three actionable recommendations to improve workforce safety.
Virtual Learning Hour Special Series: Psychological Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
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August 7, 2020 | Psychological PPE, "personal protective equipment" to promote health care workforce mental health and well-being, has become even more essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Psychological PPE”: Promote Health Care Workforce Mental Health and Well-Being
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The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating existing issues with health care professional burnout and joy in work. Evidence-based recommendations for “psychological PPE” (protection and support for staff mental health and well-being) are intended for use by staff providing care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Virtual Learning Hour Special Series: Mobilizing to Respond to COVID-19
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March 27, 2020 | Don Berwick and Derek Feeley share key coronavirus (COVID-19) learnings, innovations, and revelations they’ve been gathering and gleaning from health care leaders and improvers across the globe.

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