Tools and Resources Related to Move Your Dot™: Understanding Your Hospital's Mortality Rate

Use the tools and resources provided here to help build will for change and begin work on improving your hospital's mortality rate.
Move Your Dot™ is an effort to help hospitals know more about their organizational performance as it relates to mortality. Sir Brian Jarman, MD, Emeritus Professor of Primary Health Care at Imperial College School of Medicine (London, UK), has developed a new statistical methodology to standardize hospital mortality rates in order to fairly compare them.
Tools and resources listed on this page:
  1. The IHI Innovations Series white papers provide an in-depth explanation of the Move Your Dot™ initiative and can be shared with colleagues and senior leaders to help build will for change. The first white paper (Part 1) outlines some specific steps that can be taken in your organization and we've included here the tools associated with those action steps; Part 2 provides an update to this initial work. 

  2. The Reducing Hospital Mortality Diagnostic Tool enables hospitals to get a clearer understanding of local conditions that contribute to mortality. Many of the changes listed within the tool (e.g., Ventilator Bundle, Central Line Bundle, Rapid Response Teams, SBAR) are also available on IHI's website. In addition, another organization has modified the Hospital Mortality Reduction Tool ("2 x 2 Matrix") for use within hospitals without an ICU.

  3. The HSMR Release Form provides instructions for US hospitals that want to obtain their hospital standardized mortality ratio (HSMR) data.

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