Self-Management Toolkit for People with Chronic Conditions and Their Families

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

The information in this document is intended to serve as a resource for patients and family members dealing with chronic or long-term conditions, to help them more effectively self-manage their health and their lives with such conditions.


To maintain healthy lives, people with chronic or long-term conditions and their families have to manage their condition from day to day. Self-management often involves medical treatments and therapies. It can also mean making lifestyle changes, such as eating better, reducing stress, or increasing exercise. You might also need to make changes in your life, like improving work or family relationships or changing how you interact with health care providers.


This toolkit provides suggested resources and tools for getting started, and staying on track, with self-management.


This content was developed as part of New Health Partnerships: Improving Care by Engaging Patients, an initiative of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


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