Scrub the Hub: Example Posters

Missouri Baptist Medical Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA


These example posters are used to remind intensive care unit staff to scrub the hub of a central line prior to accessing the line to instill medications or draw blood. Sanitizing the central line helps to reduce potential central line-associated bloodstream infections.

General instructions for "scrubbing the hub" (adapted from Chris Abe at Rady Children’s Hospital protocol):
  • Perform hand hygiene.
  • Put on clean gloves prior to accessing the line.
  • Perform a 30-second “hub scrub” using alcohol and friction in a twisting motion on the hub as if you were juicing an orange.
  • Infuse medication or draw the blood and label as per the policy.
  • Discard gloves and perform hand hygiene. 

At Brooke Army Medical Center, this poster, illustrated by staff member Juan D. Nava, was developed to remind intensive care nurses to clean injection ports with alcohol for 15 seconds before using them. The posters are being placed in every ICU patient room as part of their efforts to reduce central line infections, which also include implementation of the Central Line Bundle.

Two example posters are included. Permission from the author is NOT needed to reproduce the posters.
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