How-to Guide: Sustainability and Spread

Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
When IHI launched the 5 Million Lives Campaign in December 2006, we committed to partner with participating hospitals to protect patients from 5 million incidents of medical harm over the subsequent 24 months. Since then, hospitals have adopted and spread the Campaign’s interventions at different rates — some starting with only one intervention in one unit, others introducing all twelve interventions across their entire facility or system.
Having made such a significant investment in introducing the Campaign interventions, it is vitally important that participating hospitals plan to sustain and spread improvements.
This guide identifies well-tested approaches for pursuing those goals:
  • Sustainability: Locking in the progress that hospitals have made already and continually building upon it; and
  • Spread: Actively disseminating best practice and knowledge about every intervention and implementing each intervention in every available care setting.
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