How-to Guide: Running a Successful Campaign in Your Hospital

Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
How to do the 100,000 Lives Campaign:
What does it take to be a successful Campaign hospital?
After 18 months of study and ongoing contact with hospitals participating in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 100,000 Lives Campaign, it has become clear that there are some common characteristics of successful Campaign participants. Chief among those traits is the complete and genuine involvement of every stakeholder group in the hospital: boards, leaders, managers, front-line providers, and patients and families. This How-to Guide describes the roles and responsibilities of each of those stakeholders, based on the IHI Campaign’s experience and observation of successful practices in the field.
This guide also offers instruction on the quality improvement methods we recommend for effectively introducing each of the six Campaign interventions (Appendix A), along with links to new and updated resources for successful implementation.
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