Hand Hygiene Monitoring Tool

Greenwich Hospital
Greenwich, Connecticut, USA


This data collection tool is used to monitor whether providers practice hand hygiene (i.e., use of alcohol sanitizer or soap and water to decontaminate hands) with patients in isolation. The Hand Hygiene Monitoring Tool may used in conjunction with the Contact Precautions Monitoring Tool

  • Write in the date, unit for observation, day of week, time observations started.
  • Write in the name of observer.
  • Circle or write in the employee profession and name of employee.
  • Circle whether the employee performed hand hygiene upon entering the patient’s room before patient contact, and upon leaving the patients room after patient contact.
  • If the employee enters the patient’s room and has contact with the environment or the patient’s personal items, hand hygiene should be performed.  
  • At the end of the observations, write in the time observations are ended.


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