Condition H (Help) Brochure for Patients and Families

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Shadyside

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Condition Help (H) is a program that enables patients and family members to call for immediate help if they feel the patient is not receiving adequate medical attention.
Modeled on the Rapid Response Team, a group of clinicians available to rush to a patient’s bedside whenever a nurse or other caregiver feels a patient’s condition is deteriorating, UPMC’s Condition H gives patients and families a way to alert a similar team who will come and assess the situation.

The Josie King Foundation established the Josie King Pediatric Patient Safety Program at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center to improve the quality of communication between families and caregivers and provide safeguards for families if and when that communication breaks down. Working with UPMC Shadyside, King has helped to implement The Josie King Call Line – Condition Help (H).
Read the related story that describes UPMC Shadyside's development of Condition H:

The brochure provides detailed instructions to patients and families for activating Condition H.


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