Condition H (Help) Brochure and Documentation Form

St. Joseph Hospital
Orange, California, USA
Condition H (Help) is a Rapid Response Team (or Medical Emergency Team [MET]) that allows patients and family members to call for immediate help if they become concerned with a patient’s condition. Condition H empowers patients and family members to access care, decrease anxiety, and improve patient safety. The program aims to address immediate needs and increase communication between the patient’s family members and the health care team.
Condition H tools included here are as follows:
  • Condition H Brochure: This brochure is provided to all patients upon admission by the admitting nurse to define the program how to activate the Condition H team.
  • Condition H Documentation and Evaluation Form: This form is used to capture, evaluate, and track each Condition H event. The form is generated by the Medical Emergency Team (MET) nurse, who is the Condition H team leader that assesses the situation and determines if it is a medical/physical emergency. Depending on the nature of the call, the form is completed by the person who does the follow through of the process (MET nurse, House Supervisor, or Charge nurse). Lastly, a follow-up visit is made to the patient and/or family by the Patient Relations staff to obtain feedback about this program, the outcome, and their experience.
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