Business Tools to Support Clinical Project Evaluation

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (in conjunction with Lynn Spragens and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Your organization can benefit from having systems in place that direct every level of change in a way that is intentional, clear, measurable, and efficient. This suite of tools is designed to make information gathering and communication about clinical improvement projects straightforward.
Use these tools as a starting point from which you can customize the tools to suit your organization’s (or department’s) unique needs for project management. Ultimately, the goal is to build a system that creates and reinforces open communication between all decision makers.

Each of these business tools emphasizes the need to:
  • Anticipate and estimate project impact throughout the planning process
  • Include project managers and finance staff in the planning stages, as well as in the measurement and review processes
  • Review results to revise estimates of impact, and to use impact from pilots to estimate “spread” potential
  • Be explicit about project leadership, budget authority, and the expected impact (resource use or savings) on specific budgets, both in the current periods and the future

Download the tool for detailed information.
Please note that this tool represents a compilation of multiple tools that have also been made available individually:
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