AM Bed Huddle Worksheet

Owensboro Mercy Health System
Owensboro, Kentucky, USA


This worksheet is completed “live” during AM Bed Huddles as unit managers report their current census, admission, transfer, and discharge information. Staff variances and unit color are also reported and input into the spreadsheet, which is projected on a large screen for everyone to see. After everyone has reported, identified problems are discussed and resolved. The huddle meetings are held Monday through Friday at 8:30 AM and last 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of issues to resolve.


The tool was developed to provide structure to the AM bed meetings. Staff come to the meetings prepared to report their census and staffing numbers. Representatives attend from each nursing unit, emergency department, surgery, PACU, admitting/bed control, and housekeeping. The tool is completed as each area reports its numbers and then is saved to a specific drive on the hospital computer to allow everyone to view it throughout the day.



Collect information to complete all relevant cells of the worksheet. The bed variance is automatically calculated based on what data are entered into the worksheet. Use the completed worksheet to anticipate needs and aid in making decisions regarding the cancellation of elective surgery and procedures depending on demand from the ED and other services.

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