AHRQ Consumer and Clinician Guides on Elective Induction of Labor

To help women and their health care providers understand the potential pros and cons of choosing induced labor, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has produced two free, evidence-based research summary guides.
Both guides are available on the AHRQ website (see links below).
Consumer Guide:
This guide can help women talk to their doctor or midwife about elective induction of labor. It explains induced labor (i.e., the use of medicine or other methods to get labor started) and information on why women may or may not want to choose the procedure over waiting for traditional childbirth (when induction is not medically indicated).
Clinician Guide:
This guide provides a summary of the clinical evidence on the safety of elective induction of labor versus waiting, as well as information about maternal and fetal outcomes with elective induction.
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